'Training for Reality

in a Virtual Environment'

At Flight Beyond Sight our goal is to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions for all aspects of professional aviation training. Using 360 Video and Virtual Reality systems, we can reduce overall costs, increase safety and greatly enhance training delivery, whatever your organisation size.

'VR Simulators can reduce training hours in the real aircraft by up to 40%'



Partnered with Helicopter Services, UK's leading aviation training provider, we will provide a fully bespoke training solution. Our Instructors and Examiners are amongst the most senior and experienced in the UK and Europe, with thousands of hours in the aviation industry. We have both the knowledge and in-depth experience to exceed your expectations.

360 Video

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360 Video solutions designed from the ground up to meet your requirements. From classroom instruction, to practical ground or airborne lessons, to external camera work, we can create the training sessions required.

Virtual Reality

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Using state-of-the-art technology in the form of a motion based, 360 Virtual Reality system, we can augment aircraft, full flight simulator or other synthetic environment training for a fraction of the cost of traditional simulation solutions. A range of flight models and scenery offer the best immersive training environment whatever the requirement.



Proudly partnered with Helicopter Services


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