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Another successful day = more happy customers

Another first for the company. Yesterday we ran a fully integrated helicopter and VR briefing day. The morning was spent teaching 10 off-shore oil and gas customers the detail of operating helicopters; from tech, to PofF, to hazardous flight profiles while relating it back to the O&G industry.

In the afternoon we cemented the learning by giving them all a chance to pilot a large off-shore helicopter on a sector from their base location to a North Sea oil platform. At the same time managing to squeeze in some effects of controls and general handling while getting them to recognise the briefed hazardous profiles that they occasionally managed to get themselves into!

In parallel, one of our in-house experts conducted an afternoon introduction to the latest CRM, TEM and NOTECH issues that are facing the commercial aviation industry today.

A great learning day was had by all with some hugely positive feedback, particularly regarding use of the VR simulator to enhance the learning process.

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