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Embedded Virtual Instructor Training (EVIT) is the perfect way to create a fully immersive environment, particularly with regard to training scenarios. These scenarios can be in static or fully dynamic situations, everything from a classroom to a car to an aircraft. They are fully bespoke, and are used not only to teach but also to ensure standardisation. These sessions are then available to be reviewed as often as required via a stand-alone headset.

Vive Focus 3

VIVE Focus 3 with Logo 13_042321.png

Any headset or software can be used depending on your company needs. Our latest solution comes from working closely with HTC and utilises their Focus 3 business headset and bespoke software. This provides and superb combination of high resolution display, highly-intuitive experience and some game-changing upgrades (eye-tracking, wrist tracking to name but a few). The media can be remotely managed so it can be used wherever required, it is encrypted for security and it can be fully controlled by us or managed by your in-house IT team.

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Meta for Business

Quest 2.png
JTurn Demo Pic.jpg

Any headset or software can be used depending on your company needs. We are currently offering a cost-effective solution combining Meta for Business and SkyBox VR to deliver a great combination of easy-to-use headset and the latest 360 viewing software. As above the media can be directly loaded or managed completely remotely.

SkyboxVR Player.jpg
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