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Our FBS360 EVIT product uses the latest VR headsets to make your company’s training simple to deliver, more time efficient for everyone involved and ultimately drive down your training costs. At FBS, we combine over 25 years of training expertise with your requirement to create exactly the EVIT lesson required to meet your training needs. We then scale the delivery to fit your business and can offer updates and enhancements as your requirements change.

What is Embedded Virtual Instructor Training (EVIT)?

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Working together, we can rehearse the exact content and configure the training environment for the result you're looking for.

Then, using state-of-the-art capture equipment, we can record the training event in full 360 Audio and Video.

Working with you, using over 25 years of training experience, we work out your exact training needs. Then working with your specialists and equipment we design a plan to create the EVIT lessons or training package.

Once recording is complete, we then move to the editing suite to create and review with you exactly what is needed. The EVIT lesson incorporates graphics, text, photo's, whatever is required to deliver the best quality training video. 

The 360 video's create a one-to-one, totally immersive viewing environment. These can then be used wherever and whenever required and as many times as needed. We can scale the headsets for any size requirement or it can be viewed via mobile phone app to suit your needs. Any headsets or viewing software can be used or we can provide.

The EVIT lessons's create a one-to-one, totally immersive training environment through the headset. These can then be used wherever and whenever required and as many times as needed. You can use any headset or software or we can provide an excellent solution which can be scaled for any size or requirement to suit your needs.

Using EVIT lessons to enhance or replace your training will:

  • Drive down your training costs as you only need to actually deliver the training once 
  • Give the highest quality delivery

  • Ensure standardisation every time

  • Allow training to be totally versatile, delivered wherever and whenever

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cost effective

We create the EVIT lessons using your training staff and your location. This can then be viewed whenever and as often as required at no additional cost.


Whatever your company's training need, we can adapt it to be delivered using the latest headset technology.



Using EVIT you can adjust and perfect your training slow-time and then ensure it is delivered to your high standards every time.


Deliver your training wherever and whenever required no matter what the size of your team. No need for any training specialists or equipment.

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Embedded Virtual Instructor Training (EVIT)

Delivering cutting edge 360 lessons using the latest business-grade hardware from HTC. The EVIT lessons allow the trainees to experience and familiarise themselves with an extremely challenging environment. We are already seeing large benefits in terms of RAF student preparedness before they get to the simulator or aircraft, saving time and money while producing a higher output standard. 

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