Virtual Reality (VR) is enabling a whole new era of professional civilian and military pilot training. With an increase in safety and proficiency, Virtual Reality provides the perfect stepping-stone to take trainees from the classroom into the real-world environment with significantly reduced costs, airframe hours and time.


Virtual Reality Training provides an incredibly realistic experience allowing all flight profiles, emergency handling, instrument flying, checks and procedures to be practised in all weather conditions and environments. It also enables training to be undertaken easily in High Definition on a multitude of platforms, both rotary and fixed Wing, in any geographical location.

Motion Base

Flight Beyond Sight have teamed up with Precision Flight Controls and Ryan Aerospace to bring the superb Helimod motion base to the UK.

With 6 DoF motion and vibration cueing this compact platform brings an excellent level of realism to the VR experience. No longer do you require large, expensive platforms to provide the 'feel' for the simulation.


At approximately 1.5m long and 0.5m wide, the Helimod has a very small footprint. The whole system only weighs 100kg so can be placed anywhere within your training facility and moved as required.


We have just updated our goggles to the latest HP Reverb G2. These provide superb resolution and excellent sound reproduction.

The Reverb G2 provides inside-out tracking (no external tracking system) allowing for very easy set-up and full 6 DoF movement.

The goggles are light-weight and comfortable allowing for prolonged use. They are compatible with glasses and are easily adjustable for any user.

HP Reverb G2 Logo.JPG
HP Reverb G2.JPG


The system hardware is software 'agnostic' and has been tested with Prepar3D and FSX. We are currently running XPlane 11 Pro on a state-of-the-art PC based system.

XPlane provides a superb global virtual environment to conduct any flight training.


With multiple flight models, fully customisable weather and mission profiles, any training can be achieved.