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VR Training

Having spent the last 18 months testing and refining our VR platform, we are proud to announce our first VR training courses. We offer group, individual and bespoke courses tailored to the needs of our customers. Please see below for our current listings, remember to check back as we'll be adding more training options all the time.

Bad Weather Helicopter Operations

429 bad weather.jpg

How do you know what your limits are if you've never experienced them? This is aimed at qualified pilots who would like to experience bad weather, degraded visual environment (DVE) operations, conducting and practicing realistic scenarios to build confidence and skills. It starts with an initial talk-through of interpreting available weather sources, a refresh of useful meteorology and actions-on when encountering DVE. It then culminates with a full-motion VR scenario to practice and consolidate these skills in a safe and comfortable environment.

Introduction to Helicopter Operations

Have you always wanted to undertake the ultimate challenge to become a helicopter pilot, or do you just want to experience helicopter flight before starting training in the real thing? We offer teaching in our state-of-the-art motion based VR system, even if you have never touched a helicopter before. We can customise the training to your needs and offer a 1 day introduction through to a multi-day course an all common basic rotary types. 

407 cockpit cloud.jpg

IFR Training

Whether you're a seasoned IR pilot looking to brush-up your skills or a VFR pilot who would like to experience low cost IFR training, then we can offer the training for you. From basic instrument scan to inadvertent IMC drills to ILS practice, we can put you through your paces in our world-class VR motion based simulator. We offer a range of helicopter types and have the whole of the UK mapped for ILS, VOR and NDB approaches.

"I was not sure what to expect from a an instrument simulator training experience, but to my surprise it exceeded my expectations. My trainer Jamie, was a really friendly guy with a wealth of experience on Jet Rangers, Twin Squirrels and Air Ambulance. Initially we discussed weather patterns which were accompanied by various slides but most importantly I learnt how to get much more accurate forecasts particularly relating to cloud base. The simulator itself has got excellent graphics and certainly was very realistic and responded in the way you would expect a heli particularly at high altitude. I would certainly recommend anyone who is interested in an instrument rating or particularly VFR pilots who just want a basic flavour of IFR to consider this training experience." 

Whatever your training needs we have the instructors, technology and experience to meet and exceed your expectations. If you would like to discuss any of the courses above, or any other bespoke training please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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