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Flight Beyond Sight is a bespoke company with a wealth of training delivery experience developing low-cost solutions to complex training problems. We started as solely an aviation focused training company but, with development of our 360 product, we have also branched out to other areas of technical training. We continue to develop our products and training options, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with VR and 360 video.

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Meet our Team


Jamie Anderson


Jamie started Flight Beyond Sight with Leon in 2019 after seeing the effectiveness VR training is having in the US Army helicopter training pipeline.


"I could instantly see how applying the latest, cost-effective technology within the training environment could produce better, safer results at a much lower cost". 

Leon Head.jpg

Leon Smith


Leon, as head of the main UK commercial helicopter training school, sees the huge benefits VR and 360 video could bring to the training world. He set up the company with Jamie and as well as running HelicopterServices continues to provide his wealth of training experience, knowledge of the industry and associated challenges to push the company forward. 

Bloo Head Photo.jpg

Bloo Anderson


With over 40 years of global training in the aviation industry, Bloo is convinced of the effect emerging VR technologies is having on improved training effectiveness and delivery. Bloo helped setup the company and now, as head of future strategy and development, is focused on how and where the company can focus in terms of development and deployment.

Meet our Key Consultants


Paul Martin


As owner and operator of Agile Computers, Paul provides his expertise and guidance on all matters IT. He manages the companies day-to-day IT requirements but also assists with IT builds, upgrades and problem solving for the VR simulator. Having an IT specialist always available is key to ensuring any problems are minimised and resolved quickly so as not to disrupt scheduled training.

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