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First VR Course Complete

The title is perhaps a little grand, but at Flight Beyond Sight we are extremely proud that today we completed our first Introduction to Basic Helicopter Operation course using only VR and 360 video. We took an aviation novice with no previous flight experience or ground instruction (albeit someone extremely keen with a drive to learn and good hand-eye coordination) and put them through a consolidated 3-day VR helicopter training package. Utilising all of the tools and advantages of the VR sim, we were able to adapt the flight model to allow student-controlled flight right from the start, maximizing ‘hands-on-stick’ time. By the end of the course, they were hovering to an impressive standard, transitioning to and from forward flight and able to conduct upper air exercises, all of this while the real fleet outside were on the ground with a 400’ cloudbase!

It really feels like we have reached our first milestone, completing what I believe to be the first novice flight instruction course solely using VR in the UK. Moving forward, we intend to continue to push the boundaries of training in the civilian commercial flight sector. In particular, opening up the use of simulation at the PPL/CPL level to; increase competency, improve safety, drive-down costs and provide a ‘greener’ way to conduct training that was previously unavailable.

If you are interested in conducting training or would like us to provide training (initial pilot screening, basic/advanced handling, complex situational experience to name but a few) please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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